Sunday, June 7, 2009

MLA Format Citation

What every scholar should know is that it is often very difficult to start and complete an academic paper without relying on some form of help from other researchers or writers. It will be excellent if you come up with an entire ingenious work. But if this cannot be done, you may have to borrow ideas from other writers and you will have to acknowledge this in your term paper.

There are so many feature of the MLA citation style. If you have to make allusions to the works of another writer, the name of that writer should be placed in brackets. The name of the author will have to be referred to using his or her last name. Any quoted material which goes beyond four lines will have to be indented five spaces into the page. In such a case, there will be no need for a quotation mark. This is because the indented material has already been set apart from the rest of the text. There are so many other features such as making reference to the names of works of more than one author. More information of this can only be gotten by getting a copy of the MLA citation handbook. This should serve as a writer's bible.

You should also know that it is not the duty of your instructor to furnish you with information relating to every aspect relating to the MLA style. It is your duty to look for these materials and keep them for constant reference. Keep in mind that there is no end to research. You may not need them today. But the need for them will come up some day. It is for this reason that you should make every attempt to get a personal copy of this handbook. Remember that there may be limited copies in the library.

MLA format citation should not be considered as adhering to simple instructions from your teacher. The main aim of you citing is to let the readers know that whatever is contained in your term paper is from credible sources. Those who have written these materials have taken time and effort to carry out the research and writing. You are obliged to acknowledge them for this. Secondly, not every material will be possible to be included in the term paper. Some of what you make mention of will have to be left to be read from their original sources. Your term paper may be boring and very voluminous if every borrowed material were to be included in it. This will mean that you have an obligation to lead the reader to where the information can be found. An inquisitive reader should find it very easy to look for what he or she is in search of.

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